FAQ About FSC-BT802 CSR8670 Bluetooth Module

- Oct 01, 2019-

FSC-BT802 it is high performance CSR8670 bluetooth module.Below are frequently asked questions about FSC-BT802.

Q 1:I have connected UART, a led on LED0, Antenna, supply ( VbatIN) and push button on VREGenable.

Do i have to connect 1,8V_out to VDD_IO ?

--Connect 3.3V_out.


So to configure Apt-X LL transmission( master) :

- AT+SSP=1


- AT+ROLE=1            : master

- AT+APTXCFG=1    : APTX on



Q 2:My questions :

- what is the good sentence for "AT+ENCODER=APTX-LL"

---'AT+ENCODER' is a query command, it doesn't support other characters behind this command. To use APTX-LL, just enter AT+APTXCFG=1.

Q 3:the LED0 blinks in slave, but not in Master : what is the connexion I/O output for a led in Master mode?

---LED0 only distinguishes the connection status, does not distinguish  master and slave mode. When disconnected, LED0 flashes rapidly; when connected, LED0 is always bright.

Try LED1 instead, if the LED0 indicator is not working properly.

Q 4:In master mode, the push button  on VREGenable seems to have no action, is it normal ?

---Check whether the VREG level is changed or not when the button is pressed. The VREG button is generally configured to pause or play audio and answer incoming calls in the slave mode. This will not take effect in the master mode.

- are the UART commands above ok ?

---The connected command is AT+A2DPCONN=(addr)