Feasycom Announcement

- Oct 31, 2018-

Google recently announced that they will be phasing out Nearby notifications. That's a bad news for all of us who works on the beacon market.


But there is a good news that feasycom will as always works on the beacon field , we will explore a beacon APP and management platform similar as eddystone, and we will provide SDK and technical support to our dear customers.

We would like to take this chance to thanks for the clients who always support feasycom products and beacon technology . Although google has stopped Nearby notifications,it can not stop beacon’s rapid development.We believe that beacon’s future will have a lot of space and the market will become more and more standardized,which requires us to work together to promote the progress of this industry.

Welcome share your valuable ideals with us .

Thanks so much for your attention to feasycom and beacon technology.

Any further news we will inform you as soon as possible.