Feasycom Arduino Board Suitable For Different Bluetooth Modules

- Nov 28, 2020-

Do you want to know how to choose the suitable Arduino Board for your feasycom bluetooth module? If so, you’re in the right place! You can refer below:a list of Arduino Bluetooth modules for your consideration.

  1. FSC-DB007:

    The FSC-DB007 is a plug-and-play Daughter Development Board designed for Arduino UNO, by utilizing Bluetooth modules such as FSC-BT616, FSC-BT646, FSC-BT826, FSC-BT836, it enables the Arduino UNO to communicate with remote Bluetooth devices.



DB008 is suitable for BT966/906 module ext, with Type-C interface,FT232 serial port chipset.



FSC-DB200 is suitable for BT806/1006/1026X ext, integrate Type-C interface, CP2104 serial port chipset. 


Wonder how you can pair and control your Arduino Board with feasycom Bluetooth module? You can Contact Us on turorial guide of arduino board about how you can easily get started!