Feasycom Bluetooth Module Certification

- Feb 21, 2019-

When customer purchase the Bluetooth module , except Bluetooth module’s performance and price , the certification is also a key point for customer , in order to convenient for customer know of our Bluetooth module’s certifications , we summarized these information as below :


BLE modules certification:


FSC-BT616 is a BLE 5.0 module , adopt TI CC2640R2F chip , class 1.5 , ( at present , all of Feasycom Beacon are adopt the TI CC2640R2F chip ) , Bluetooth low energy , supports GATT profile.

Dimension: 26mm*13mm*2.4mm

FSC-BT616’s certification: FSCC , CE , IC .

Product link: http://www.feasycom.net/bluetooth-module/ble-ticc2640-low-energy-bluetooth-5-0-module.html


Bluetooth dual mode module‘s certification:

FSC-BT826 :

FSC-BT826 is Bluetooth V4.2 dual mode module , class 1.5 , which is the best choice in data application , likes Bluetooth printer , Barcode scanner , Health & Medical devices and Measurement and monitoring system , etc .

FSC-BT826’s certification: BQB





FSC-BT909 is Bluetooth V4.2 dual mode module , adopt CSR8811 chip , class 1 , data + Audio + Network Application , our FSC-BP109  Beacon adopt this module with super long range .

FSC-BT909’s application: Audio transmitters , TWS device , High quality storeo headset , Bluetooth router , Hub , Gateway , etc .

FSC-BT909’s certification: FCC,CE, RoHS .

Productlink: http://www.feasycom.net/bluetooth-module/bluetooth-dual-mode-module/greater-than-1000m-long-range-class-1.html



Audio Bluetooth dual mode modules certification:


FSC-BT802 is a high performance Bluetooth V5.0 dual mode module , aopt CSR8670 chip , class2 , Audio + data application , and with small size features .

FSC-BT802’s application: High quality headset , TWS , Audio transmitter , etc.

FSC-BT802’s certidication: CE, FCC, RoHS, BQB, TELEC,IC .

Productlink: http://www.feasycom.net/bluetooth-module/bluetooth-dual-mode-module/micro-tws-apt-x-csr8670-fcc-bluetooth-5-0.html




FSC-BT906 is a Bluetooth V4.2 dual mode module , also adopt CSR8811 chip , and with high performance , could be used at Data + Audio + network application .

FSC-BT906’s application: Audio transmitter , TWS , Hight quality storeo headset , Car audio , etc.

FSC-BT906’s certification:  KC

Product link: http://www.feasycom.net/bluetooth-module/csr8645-stereo-bluetooth-audio-module-for.html

These Bluetooth module are commonly used and very comprehensive , if you have project related with Bluetooth module , please feel free contact us .