Feasycom Company Travel Activities At Saturday In Shenzhen Nanshan Park

- Nov 23, 2018-

In order to make employees work and live healthier and happy, Feasycom organized company's outdoor activities on this Saturday ( Nov 23th ) , the location is Nanshan Park , Shenzhen .


We have made a complete plan for this activity , Nanshan is a beautiful place where you can see the scenery of the city and the sea , considering that our engineers spend a lot of time in front of computers , they can relax physically and mentally here in a environment without code.


After playing for a day, we will have dinner in the Nanshan Park , eat and chat freely here , what a united and friendly group ,  Feasycom's colleagues can't wait for Saturday .


But don’t worries , although Saturday has the outdoor activity , if you have any question of Bluetooth Beacon and Bluetooth module or you want to buy our product , our sales could reply you once they received your message , What a team such loves to work.