Feasycom FSC-BT802 Audio Broadcast User Guide

- Mar 28, 2020-

 1 Resource Notes:

●Bluetooth Module:FSC-BT802


●USB Port: Power Supply, USB-UART Switching Port


●VOL- Key: Volume Down(Short Press)/ Last Song(Long Press)


●VOL+ Key: Volume Up(Short Press)/ Next Song(Long Press)

Press Both VOL- & VOL+ to switch between broadcasting mode and receiving mode



Power On(Press For 1s)

Power On(Press For 3s)

Play/Pause(Short Press)

Clear Pairing Record(Power Off, Press For 5s)


●LINE IN/MIC Port: Audio Input

●SPK Port: Audio Output

●DEBUG Port: Debug Use

2. Operation instruction

1.DB1/DB2 power on, DB1/DB2:red light(LED0)﹑blue light(LED1) are flashing


2.Long press DB2 Dev. board VOL-/VOL+ key, until red/blue lights are on steadily. Switch to receiving mode, red light(LED0) is flashing.


3. When DB2’s blue light(LED1) is on steadily, it means the connection had been built successfully. At this point DB2’s red light will be off.


4.Open the Bluetooth setting of the phone, search and connect to DB1(Usually named FSC-BT80X(Broadcast)-7002), when connection built successfully, DB1’s red light(LED0) will be on steadily.


5.Now play music on the phone, both DB1 & DB2 will be playing the same music stream sent from the phone. The working status will be as image below.


Broadcast audio

LED0, LED1 Flashing rule:

Broadcasting Mode:

1, No Connection: Red light(LED0) and blue light(LED1) are flashing alternately.

2, Connection is being built: Red light(LED0) on steadily, while blue light(LED1) is flashing.

3, Bluetooth connection built and stops building new connections, both red/blue light(LED0) are on steadily.


Receiving Mode:

1, Connecting With Device: Red light(LED0) flashing.

2, Stand-by Mode: Blue light(LED1) flashing.

3, Connection built and receiving data: Blue light(LED1) on steadily.


●Even though both of the two development board are sharing the same firmware, the MAC addresses are different, and they’re both on broadcasting mode by default. When broadcast network needs to be built, please switch only one board to broadcasting mode and the other to receiving mode.


●When a third development board needs to join the network, only to operate it with Step 2. Please make sure the DB1 is ready to make connections.(By default, it will be ready to connect with new devices within 3 mins after powered on.)


●This development board can also be used for independent audio testing.