Feasycom Bluetooth Beacon Gateway

- Dec 29, 2018-

Recently , Feasycom is developing the Feasycom Nearby server , the Nearby server will implement three functions:

1.Feasycom Nearby App: Feasycom Nearby App could search the nearby Beacons , and uploading the searched iBeacon , Eddystone-uid , eddystone-eid and Eddystone-url to the server , server will looking for the push message of these Beacons , and send to App , App will display these information.

2.The second function is works with Gateway , you could check Beacons status by Nearby server , the main working step: The Gateway could search the Beacon within Gateway’s work range , including Beacons , Feasycom Beacons and other BLE device , and via MQTT or TCP protocol uploading these data to server , you could monitor Beacons status in real time .

3.The third function is you could setting Beacon’s parameter by the Beacon cloud , just need setting the parameter by PC web or mobile App , PC web or App will save it and transmit to server , Feasycom Nearby server will send the signal to gateway , and Gateway will modify the Beacon’s parameter.

The Whole system we are developing now , one of the important step is Gateway , now we are develop two model Gateway , FSC-BP201 and FS-BP209.

FSC-BP201 is the low energy Gateway , we have finished it , FSC-BP201’s Bluetooth part adopt Nordic nRF52832 chip , and Wifi part adopt TI CC3220 chip , and built in 250mAh Li Battery , our Gateway supports MQTT and TCP potocol , the picture in the bellow :


The another Gateway is FSC-BP209 , FSC-BP209 is super long range Gateway , we introduce it before , the picture is as following , the Bluetooth work range up to 1000m in open area , we finished the Bluetooth part .