Feasycom Has Upload Video About The Bluetooth Module FSC-BT826

- Sep 12, 2018-

Recently , Shenzhen Feasycom has upload an Video about the FSC-BT826 Bluetooth module ,

have you heard the BT826 Bluetooth module before ?


FSC-BT826 aBluetooth module could completely replace the HC05 and it’s the upgraded version of HC05 , so what are the parameters of the two modules ?


HC05 is the classic Bluetooth module , and supports Master mode.

FSC-BT826 is the classic + BLE Bluetooth module , it’s Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode module , and supports Master and slave simultaneously .


Bluetooth HC05 module.jpg


Compare with these two module, obviously the performance of BT826 is better than HC05 , the BT826 could compatible with more smartphones , BT826 supports Master and slave simultaneously , so you could switch the master and slave modes freely.


How about the price of these two modules? Is BT826’s price is much more expensive than HC05?

Not really , in fact , BT826’s price is cheaper than HC05 , so why don’t you choose the FSC-BT826 Bluetooth module.


You could check the video of FSC-BT826 Bluetooth module ,

The link on Youtube is : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kbVLed-eLs.


Would you have any interesting ?