Feasycom Held A Mountain Climbing Activity

- Nov 26, 2018-

To enhance employee health,rich cultural life of employees and improve communication between employees. Last Saturday,On Nov 24th, our company organized the climbing activity at Shenzhen Nanshan Park, participants a total of 30 people. 


1:30,we began to climbed the mountain .There are boys who always walked at the back of the crowd incase girls or children left behind.After we reached the top, although all panting and sweating, but along the way, unity, cooperation, and as well as the willingness to share the touching moment, so that the whole activity is filled with joy and pleasant atmosphere. This fully showed feasycom good team spirit.

4:30, we began to went down the hill.


5:00,we arrived at a restaurant for dinner. 



The activities let us return natural, relax our body and mind.And it enhance the cohesion of the enterprise.What a fun and meaningful day it is !