Feasycom Nearby Help You Continue Your Bluetooth Beacon Project

- Dec 28, 2018-

It’s been a while since Google Inc., has stopped the nearby service for Android users, many users who will continue to run beacon business don’t know how to receive notifications.  Here we give our solution. You can install our latest app named Feasycom Nearby.

What is Feasycom Nearby?
Most people know about Google nearby, Feasycom Nearby app is basically similar to it. This app is able to accept URL information broadcast by beacons, including URLs, website profiles, and website icons.

What is the difference between Feasycom Nearby and Google nearby?

1. Feasycom Nearby only support EDDYSTONE format at present, but we’ll add more format in the near future.
2. Users’ phone come with the Nearby Service, you are not required to install any other app, but you need install Feasycom Nearby so that you can receive notifications. It is not so convenient for event marketing

How to use Feasycom Nearby app?

1. Please install Feasycom Nearby app from Google play store or Apple store.
2. Pull-to-refresh the scan page.
3. Tap the top right button of the home page: you can choose to go to the About or Mute page.
4. Select and slide left or right of any item in the list to mute the information of the specific URL.
5. Click on any item in the list, you can access the corresponding URL through your mobile browser.
6. Tap the unblock button: to release the blocked URL information so that it is re-notified and displayed on the home page.

Feasycom will keep attention to all the partners’ feedback, you can contact us if you have any good ideas. EDDYSTONE-UID、EDDYSTONE-EID will be added to Feasycom Nearby app soon, and the free SDK would be provided if needed.