Feasycom On Amazon Co.jp

- Mar 10, 2018-

Feasycom on Amazon co.jp


Hello Everyone:


As we all know, Convenience has become a synonym of contemporary society. In order to improve the service to customers, Feasycom will work with Amazon cn.jp.

In this store, we will show our company main product bluetooth module, bluetoth beacon, bluetooth dongle. The modules including the mini audio and data module FSC-BT802, dual bluetooth 5.0 module FSC-BT803, micro BLE 5.0 module FSC-BT630, long range data and audio module FSC-BT909 and compatibility HC05 master and slave integration FSC-BT826, etc. And the bluetooth beacon will send to the Amazon Japanese warehouse, there will be convenience for the customers.

Our company sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit our company store purchase orders.



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