Feasycom Tested The FSC-BP109 Beacon’s Scan Range For Develop The Super Long Range Gateway

- Dec 07, 2018-

Do you know Feasycom company is developing the super long range Gateway now ? not the normal Gateway could purchase it in the market , the Gateway could scan the Beacons or other BLE device nearby the Gateway , please noticed , the scan range could up to 1000m and more than that -- super long range Gateway.
We have one model super long range Beacon , the model is FSC-BP109 , for the Beacon broadcast range up to 4000m for IOS / 1000m for Android in open area , we plan adopt BP109 to be the Gateway’s Bluetooth part , firstly , we need to test the BP109’s scan range.

Long range Gateway

We test the BP109’s Scan range this week , and test environment as the picture, the target scan Beacon is our FSC-BP104 BLE 5.0 Beacon ( TI CC2640R2F chipset ) , we put 104 on the 20th floor of our office building , scan it with 109 on the opposite mountain , the range is 1000m .


We set the parameter of BP104 , Interval: 200ms , Tx power: +5dBm .
BP109 could scan the BP104 with 1000m range , we want to test further distances , but there only this suitable place for testing , so the scan distance is at least 1000m.

This is a great start for we develop the new Gateway , do you have the project need use Gateway and Beacon ? you could provide the requirement to us ,
Feasycom also has one Gateway is FSC-BP201 currently , welcome to message us .