Feasycom Updated News About Google Stop Supporting Nearby Service On Android Devices

- Dec 05, 2018-

With the arrival of Dec 6th, the consultation on the nearby issue seems to have not been interrupted. We have rarely updated news about this in recently because we are also looking for whether there is a better way. But for now, there seems to be no way can 100% replace it.

Although Google has notified this matter for some time, we have received many orders, including Amazon shop. To be first, thank you for your trust and support us along the way. There are still some new participants who know little about it, some of them did not give enough consideration to place an order. With a responsible attitude, we must promptly notify each customer then confirm the receipt and delivery.

Here Feasycom give two recommendations for those who will continue your beacon business.

1. Create ads on news and sporting websites. This means that phones within range can view ads via news and sporting websites. That is called an impression. That does not mean that the user of the phone has clicked on the ad to view it on go to the website. Basically, beacons will no longer broadcast directly to the phone with a Bluetooth notification, buying ad space on websites and when a phone is in range if a beacon, that phone has access to view an ad on the particular website where you have bought ad space. But only if the phone user is on the website in which you have bought ad space. And if the phone user clicks on the ad when they see it. If the phone user is not using their internet browser while in range, they will not see the ad or impression!

2. Develop our own app. Whether you have or don't have your own app, we can give you a free sdk so that your app can have the functions of beacon parameter setting and notifications accepting for nearby notifications. We constantly advise users to develop their own software, as this may be the ultimate choice for most users after Google does not support nearby service. Because other methods either require more money, or the effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, we need to change our strategy faster and let our app get more people's acceptance.

We will continue to pay attention to this matter, and any updated news will inform you in time, and we are willing to get in touch with you to discuss this issue. Thank you!