First Dual-core Bluetooth 5.2 SoC Nordic NRF5340 Chipset

- Apr 17, 2020-

The nRF5340 is the world’s first wireless SoC with two Arm® Cortex®-M33 processors. The nRF5340 is an all-in-one SoC, including a superset of the most prominent nRF52® Series features. Features like Bluetooth® Direction Finding, high-speed SPI, QSPI, USB, up to 105 °C operating temperature, and more, are combined with more performance, memory and integration, while minimizing current consumption.

The nRF5340 SoC supports an extensive range of wireless protocols. It supports Bluetooth Low Energy, and is capable of all AoA and AoD roles in Bluetooth Direction Finding, in addition Bluetooth Long Range and 2 Mbps.

Here is some information about chipset:



Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth 5.2


Application core

128/64 MHz Arm Cortex-M33

1 MB Flash + 512 KB RAM

8 KB 2-way set associative cache

510/255 CoreMark

65/76 CoreMark/mA

Network core

64 MHz Arm Cortex-M33

256 KB Flash + 64 KB RAM

2 KB instruction cache

238 CoreMark

101 CoreMark/mA

Wireless Protocol Support

Bluetooth LE/Bluetooth mesh/NFC/Thread/

Zigbee/802.15.4/ANT/2.4 GHz proprietary

On-air Data Rate

Bluetooth LE: 2 Mbps/1 Mbps/125 kbps

802.15.4: 250 kbps

2.4 GHz proprietary: 2 Mbps/1 Mbps

Voltage Range

1.7 to 5.5 V

Temperature Range

-40°C to 105°C

Package options

7x7 mm aQFN™94 with 48 GPIOs


Feasycom has a plan to adopt the nRF5340 chipset for the new Bluetooth 5.2 module in the future. About the Nordic chipset module, Feasycom has the FSC-BT630 module adopting Nordic nRF52832 chipset, for more information, please refer to:

If you are interested in the Bluetooth module, welcome contact Feasycom team.