France---Croatia Who Will Get The World Cup?

- Jul 13, 2018-

This Summer, The 2018 FIFA Russia World Cup lights the endless passions of the people from all of the world, it’s a fantastic party for all the Football Fans to gather together to enjoy these competitions, no matter it will bring the laugh or tear, failure or succeed.


From June 14 to July 12, during the whole one month, from the 32 Teams, we been moved and motivated by too many football players and the international teams whom fight for the World Cup for their team, for their countries.


It’s a little pity that, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Suarez, Ramos missed the final match, let’s solute to these heroes, thanks for all the brilliant moments you brought us for the past years.


Heroes never yield to the failures, let’s see you again on next 2022 Qatar World Cup!


Fortunately, Life is so wonderful and unpredictable. When we get depressed for some super football star’s absence. The young France and England Team attracting all the people’s attention with their youth, their passion, their courage when battling with the other experienced teams, like the extraordinary Mbappe, Kane, Griezmann, Pogba.


The Final Competition will be held on Russia Luzhniki Statium on July 15


France VS Croatia  

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