FSC-BT630 BLE Low Energy Module FAQ

- Oct 01, 2019-

Customers who interested in the FSC-BT630 module, they asked some questions ,so today to summarize ,we listed the frequently asked questions as below :

(1) To use this mode POWER IO from nRF52832 chips(QFN or WLCSP, package), DCC and DEC4 need to connected with each other through,inductor loop (10uH and 15nH). 


(2) DEC1,DEC3,DEC4 already with proper capacitor .

(3) DEC2 do not have proper capacitor now ,But the PCB board has place to add the capacitor for DEC2 ,when you order sample we can add this for you .

(4) Module has ceramic chip antenna

(5) Module is FCC and CE certified. Module has no IC certification

(6) Module has on module 32MHz crystal

(7) Module has on module 32.768KHz crystal.