Guide For Getting Start With Your Beacon

- Apr 12, 2018-

Guide for getting start with your beacon


>> Get some beacons

>>Configure your beacons

>> Register your beacons with Google

>>Add an attachment


Feasybeacon provide different work range beacons for Personalized requirements.

>>Feasybeacon Super work range can reach to 4000m, this can obviously suit for huge malls, tourist attractions etc.

>>Feasybeacon 5Mart the beacon powered by long life battery, and could

Send notifications in the range of 200m.

>>Feasybeacon Mini is a easy to carry beacon with small size that can suitable for many different scenes such as supermarket, restaurant etc.


Before a beacon can be used, you must provision it to set the frame type, broadcast intervals and power levels. currently you must use the software that was provided by us.


With Eddystone-UID, you can:

>>Associate one or more data or URL attachments with a beacon.

>>Remotely update beacon attachments.

>>Monitor beacons using the Beacon Tools.


Let you advertise a URL (HTTP or HTTPS), and is designed for interacting with the Physical Web. Nearby Notifications can also show HTTPS URLs broadcast from Eddystone-URL devices, although Eddystone-URL does not support app intent or app install URLs. We recommend using a URL redirector to enable the use of longer URLs, and to make it possible to update the URL after the beacon is deployed. When using this frame type, you cannot register the beacon with Google. Once you have provisioned the beacon, no further steps are required.

Nearby Notifications and Physical Web on Chrome require HTTPS URLs.

If you provisioned your beacons using Eddystone-UID, continue to the next step. If you provisioned your beacons using Eddystone-URL, you're done!


Next, register ownership of your beacons with the Google Beacon Registry. To do this, use the Beacon Tools app, available for Android and iOS.

To register the beacon:

>>Launch the app and select the Google Developer project you want to use.

>>Position your device near the beacon. You should see a list of beacons.

>>Select the beacon you want to register, then tap Register Beacon. The beacon should then appear under theRegistered tab.


These are the options for associating attachments with beacons (choose one):

>>Use the Google Beacon Dashboard 

>>Use the Beacon Tools.


Use the Google Beacon Dashboard

The Google Beacon Dashboard is the easiest way to associate attachments with your beacons.

Follow these steps to add an attachment using the Google Beacon Dashboard:

1. Go to the Google Beacon Dashboard.

2. Select your project from the list of Google Developers Console projects.

3. Select your beacon from the list.

4. Enter details for your beacon in the provided form.

Use the Beacon Tools

1.Find your Eddystone-UID in the UNREGISTED list.

2.Add description.

3.Back to find the UID in the REGISTED list, click and add attachment.


Attachment Data format

Attachments for the Nearby Notifications feature must use the com. google. nearby   namespace, and a type consisting of the two-letter language code

For example: com. google.nearby/en

Attachments should be formatted using JSON. For example:


      "title": "Example",

      "url": ""


If your web URL isn't triggering a notification the most likely causes are:

>>Using HTTP instead of HTTPS

>>Linking to app store such as is prohibited. The web page should stand on it's own and offer useful information or actions on the landing page directly.