HID Dongle, A Device That Send The Data Comes From Upper Monitors In The Form Of HID

- Apr 22, 2019-

What is HID ?

The HID (Human Interface Device) human interface device category is the first USB category supported by Windows. It is known by its name that HID devices are devices that directly interact with people, such as keyboards, mice, and joysticks. However, HID devices do not necessarily have a human-machine interface, as long as they conform to the HID category specification, they are all HID devices.

In the HID protocol, there are 2 entities: the "host" and the "device". The device is the entity that directly interacts with a human, such as a keyboard or mouse. The host communicates with the device and receives input data from the device on actions performed by the human. Output data flows from the host to the device and then to the human. The most common example of a host is a PC but some cell phones and PDAs also can be hosts.


FSC-BP102 developed by Feasycom. It supports both profiles of SPP and BLE and has a USB interface. The USB interface has two functions: serial port and HID keyboard. Bluetooth data transfer to HID and Bluetooth serial port transparent transmission function can be realized.  


1. What is the function of Bluetooth data transfer to HID?
Users can connect to FSC-BP102 device via Bluetooth and send data to it by SPP or BLE profiles. The FSC-BP102 will convert the received data and output it to the connected host in the form of HID.
2. What is the function of Bluetooth serial port transparent transmission?
Users can connect to the FSC-BP102 via Bluetooth and send data to the FSY-BP102 via SPP or BLE. The FSC-BP102 will output the received data to the host through the serial port.

This product uses BT836 module solution, BT836 module is spp and BLE dual mode Bluetooth 4.2 module. This module has already BQB certified . Transmission rate: BLE: 8KB/S, SPP: 80KB/S, transmission power 5.5dBm, with onboard antenna, working distance up to 10m. It is widely used in smart watches, chain health and medical equipment, wireless POS, measurement and monitoring systems, industrial sensors and controllers for Bluetooth printers and other applications.