High Data Speed BLE Bluetooth Module 17 KB/s With IPhone

- May 23, 2019-

Have you heard that BLE Bluetooth Module can up to 17 kB/s ?Shenzhen feasycom technology co.,ltd -leading bluetooth module manufacture can provide this solution .Feasycom technology provide many kinds of bluetooth module solution for different application and requirement.

Usually you may know that BLE can achieve 5 kB/s. We are so glad to tell you that Feasycom have a solution that is we can provide feasyblue sdk to you for develop.Then you are able to reach a speed of 17 kB/s for BLE transmission. And this solution has been successfully verified.

We can achieve 17 kilobytes/second for BLE now. For higher speed, we would like to suggest you to use classic Bluetooth SPP (if need SPP on iOS, then MFi certificate of your product is needed).

As you know SPP Max Speed: 70 kB/s. Actual speed may vary depending on the phone.

Both Android and iOS usually can reach at least 30 kB/s data rate .

Using SPP profile on iOS device requires MFi Certification. FSC-BT836 firmware support the iAP2 of MFi, but you need request MFi certification from Apple. And the FSC-BT836 module provides an I2C interface for MFi chipset.