High Data Speed BLE Module Which Can Reach 10Kbytes/s For BLE

- Apr 02, 2019-

High data speed BLE Module which can reach 10Kbytes/s for BLE


If you have a demand for bluetooth ble module :
We can achieve 4Kbytes/s for BLE now.We needs bluetooth ble module to support 10Kbytes.
But BLE is hard to support 10Kbytes, and therefore we would like to use classic Bluetooth SPP with MFi on iOS.

Subject 1 :BLE Module to support 10Kbytes
Usually you may know that ble can achieve 5Kbytes/s .We are so glad to tell you that ,feasycom have a solution,BT836 (High data rate).SPP +BLE .We provide SDK to you for develop .Can reach BLE 10K bytes.And this solution has been successfully verified.Hear by we share this solution to all of you who just need this .

Subject 2:If you still think BLE 10K bytes data speed is not enough.And you prefer SPP+MFi
We also recommend BT836 : SPP+MFi
SPP Max :70K data rate .It depends on cellphone .
Both android and iOS usually can reach at least 20-30K data rate .
iPhone via SPP Profile need past MFi Certification.FSC-BT836 firmware support MFi ,but MFi certification you have to apply for it .And the FSC-BT836 module provide a I2C interface for MFi chipset.
Do you have more question about feasycom bluetooth ble module ? Our friendly team are here to answer any ble module questions you may have so why not contact now.