High Speed Bluetooth 5.0 Dual Mode Module

- Aug 20, 2019-

High speed Bluetooth 5.0 dual mode module


FSC-BT836B, a high speed Bluetooth 5.0 dual mode module(Version: Bluetooth 5.0 BR/EDR+BLE), is a upgraded version of FSC-BT836 BT 4.2 module, and supports SPP and GATT high speed data transmission, it’s a new technology to solve the problem that using IOS smartphone to transfer data is slow.


Before this time, if customer require high speed data rate for IOS smartphone, the module must approved by MFi certification, then the data rate will same with SPP mode between Android phone and Bluetooth module, Feasycom team focus on development and convenient for customer, as you know, MFi certification will spend more time and investment, FSC-BT836B equipped with BLE 5.0 high speed mode will solve the problem(Kingly noticed: The smartphone’s Bluetooth version must BT5.0).


For IOS, the BLE data can reach to 65KB/S maximum(iphone 8)


FSC-BT836B supports SPP, GATT and HID(Supports multiple language keyboard), mainly used for Bluetooth thermal printer, barcode scanner, measurement devices,etc.



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