High Speed Data Transceiver Module For Bluetooth Printer

- May 21, 2019-

Feasycom Bluetooth module occupies a large share in the printer market,in China ,more than 80% Bluetooth printer companies use Feasycom Bluetooth module,because of these advantages:

1. Establish multiple connections with one or multiple mobile phones
2. High performance and quality with competitive price
3. Software and hardware technical support

4.The leading module-company of Bluetooth printer solutions

Most customer use the Bluetooth dual mode module in the printer,because of compatibility and speed , FSC-BT826 and FSC-BT836 solve this problem well.

FSC-BT826 and FSC-BT836 are UART data transceiver Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode module,supports SPP+GATT, the firmware support Master-slave simultaneously.

The most important feature is supports connected with multiple mobile phones at same time.

FSC-BT826 and FSC-BT836 are the high speed data transmission module ,for Android mobile phone,send the AT command “ AT+HSM=1 “ it’ll be the high speed data transmit mode.


FSC-BT826 and FSC-BT836 Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode module is UART communication Master-slave Bluetooth module,these two Bluetooth module are the mature Bluetooth printer solution ,especially high speed and Multiple connection with mobile App.


In addition to Bluetooth ,there also has FSC-BW226 Bluetooth+Wifi module adopt to printer,Bluetooth + Wifi provide two solution in one printer,also integrate the high speed data transmission feature.


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