High Speed UART Data Transceiver Bluetooth Module Supports SPP+GATT

- Jun 03, 2019-

FSC-BT826 is a high speed data transceiver Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode module (Bluetooth EDR/BR+BLE) ,as we mentioned before ,FSC-BT826 supports multiple connection,one FSC-BT826 could connect with many mobile phone simultaneously, for this features ,we are mostly used for many application which need multiple connection.

Not only FSC-BT826 has Multiple connection features ,but also include high speed mode features ,some customers need the high speed data transmission for their application ,for the FSC-BT826 ,the data rate can up to 80KB/S on SPP mode(according to the smartphone),the high speed data transmission could adopt to many customer’s solution.

FSC-BT826 could switch Multiple connection mode to high speed mode ,how scan we do that ?

When you got a FSC-BT826 Bluetooth module which supports 1 BLE + 6 SPP or 1 BLE + 7 SPP ,although it could connect with many smart app ,the data rate will slower , at this moment, it seems you need upgrade the new firmware which is not Multiple connection version or change the 1 BLE+1 SPP firmware module if you want to improve the data rate of Bluetooth module, actually we don’t need change the module’s firmware and Bluetooth module anymore , just send the AT command “ AT+HSM=1” ,the module will goes to high speed mode ,then you restart the FSC-BT826 Bletooth module ,the Bluetooth module will change to 1 BLE + 1 SPP version.

It’s really a simple methods to change Bluetooth module to the high speed mode ,especially use for the Bluetooth printer ,with firmware’s updating ,the new version Bluetooth module FSC-BT826HD is the faster one in Bluetooth thermal printer application, FSC-BT826HD added a new feature ------- “OTA” ( Upgrade firmware over air ) , it’s a practical function which convenience for testing the new firmware over air ,previously we need to upgrade the firmware via UART .

FSC-BT826 is a popular Bluetooth module in the market because of the high speed/Multiple connection and good price ,we also developed one series model Bluetooth module FSC-BT826E ,FSC-BT826E is used for instead of HC05 in the market ,HC05 Bluetooth module is famous in the data transceiver market,but it only supports Bluetooth EDR/BR ,FSC-BT826E is PIN to PIN with HC05 Bluetooth module ,not only supports Bluetooth EDR/BR,but also BLE ,keeps a high compatibility,so if you have requirements about high data speed module or HC-05 Bluetooth module ,contact with Feasycom you will found the solution.