How To Choose External Antenna For Ble Bluetooth Module

- Jun 25, 2019-

1.About external anttenna suggestion 

1)2.4G single frequency antenna 
2)The transmission gain the higher the better ,you can choose 2db and above

2.Most of feasycom bluetooth module which with on board PCB antenna ,also support external antenna.

If you already got an bluetooth module with PCB antenna ,such as FSC-BT909 same as the image of left side ,do not worry ,you can just change the resistance distance ,make it sidewards ,then it can work with external antenna (Refer image below ).

How to use external antenna

3.Some of feasycom bluetooth module already has on board antenna version ,and external antenna version .Such as FSC-BT909 ,FSC-BT616,FSC-BT836 .

FSC-BT616 with and without antenna

So you can confirm this with feasycom sales before place an order .