How To Get AptX HD Audio Bluetooth Module Works With Headset ?

- May 31, 2019-

If you plan to purchase audio BT module ,we would recommend you can purchase the development board as well.The development board always help a lot for the test process .


If you just did not buy any development board yet,and when you test the module,you want make it work with your headset.Then you may find :

a:Mic Input-No sound 

b:Earphone Output-No sound ,and you can hear some noise 

1.First you can refer the circuit diagram on the FSC-BT806 datasheet to check if any circuit problem ,if not ,we can go to step 2

2. You can take a picture of your circuit diagram.Then we will ask hardware engineer help check if there it is any circuit problem.

Sometimes customer will send a picture of their board like this :


We do not suggested test our audio module using board like this ,because it is just ''plug in'' not ''solder''.So it may easy to lead to ‘’sometimes okay ,sometimes not okay’’.
And if it is not finished pcba but similar like a kind of fly line ,it is easy to create noise .
For more details feel free to contact feasycom sales.