How To Get SPP BLE HID Bluetooth Module Communication With MCU

- Apr 26, 2019-

If you already purchase bluetooth module ,and want use the bluetooth module communication with your MCU.But you are failed to do this .This it is the main topic this news talking about.
We are going to adopt one of feasycom buetooth module BT906 :HID+SPP+BLE as an example.
1.Check if there are circuit problem
Usually you may know that just need use UART (TX /RX) then can communicated .
Your MCU TX connected to BT906 module's RX.Please checked if you already do like this ?
If you have confirmed that there are no circuit problems,then we go to step 2


2. Hardware Part :
1)Connect the TX RX of the module to the computer through the 3.3V USB Transfer to Serial Port
2)Open ''Feasycom Serial Port '',choose the related port ,Baurd Rate :115200 ,Choose :New Line
3) Send ''AT+VER '' ,If there is a respond :+VER=xxxxx,then it means hardware it is okay .


3.Software Part :Test HID :
1)Send ''AT+MODE=2  ,then it will change into hid mode
2)Use cellphone connected to hid device named Feasycom
3)Open txt file to select the cursor
4)Send hexadecimal         
 41 54 2B 48 49 44 53 45 4E 44 3D 32 2C 00 04 0D 0A. Then cellphone will received:  a
A  T  + H  I  D  S  E N D  =  2 ,       \r \n
                                00: ''control key'' value
                                04: ''hid value'' of '' a ''
For more details about how to get bluetooth module communication with MCU,just feel free to contact feasycom team