How To Let Module Communications With Host MCU?

- Mar 02, 2020-

For new Bluetooth project developers, they might have a question: How To Make Communications Between Host MCU And BLE Module?

Today, we’re going to take FSC-BT646 as an example to show you how.

In fact, it’s very simple! USING AT COMMANDS!

For example, after connecting the BLE Module and the MCU, and you want to change the name of the module, you should just use MCU to send AT+NAME=XXX(XXX indicates the new name that you want to give the BT646).

Want to change the baud rate of the BT646? Use AT+BAUD=XXX(XXX indicates the baud rate that you want to get).

Want to turn on/off throughput mode? Use AT+TPMODE=0, 1. (0 refers to OFF, 1 refers to ON).

With Feasycom’s AT command guide book, users can have very good flexibility when adopting this module to their applications.

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