How to let USB to TTL Dev Board Work at SPP Mode?

- Nov 12, 2019-

1. Common Setup Procedure

Refer the demonstration in Chapter 2, prepare Windows PC, FSC-DB005-BT836.

Download FSC-BP102 Windows driver and Feasycom serial port from:

Plug FSC-DB005-BT836 in Windows PC, install driver for FSC-DB005, after driver installation finished, a COM port will be enumerated for FSC-DB005.

Open Feasycom serial port on PC, select the correct COM, leave the other COM port settings (Baud, etc) as default if you didn’t change them before, click ‘Open’ to open COM port.

2. SPP Profile (BR/EDR)

2.1 Operating Procedure

Follow Common Setup Procedure in Chapter 3. Prepare Android device.

Bluetooth module works in SPP-enabled mode by default, send AT+MODE=4 to module to change operating mode if need, for more information about AT commands, please refer to relevant Programming User Guide.

Install FeasyBlue from Google Play app store, make sure FeasyBlue have permissions for using the locations of Android device, turn on Bluetooth of Android device. Installation link for FeasyBlue app:

Open FeasyBlue on Android device, pull down to refresh, tap the specific device (recognize by name, MAC, RSSI) to connect it, if connection established, the LED on FSC-DB005 will stop blinking and the status bar on the top of FeasyBlue app will show ‘connected’, input data into the Send edit box, and click ‘Send’, then the data in the Send edit box of FeasyBlue will show up on Feasycom serial port.

Input data into the Send edit box of Feasycom serial port, and click ‘Send’, then the data in the Send edit box of Feasycom serial port will show up on FeasyBlue.

2.2 Operating Example