How To Load The Newest Firmware On The Beacon

- Jul 18, 2019-

Feasycom beacon support OTA :Upgrade-Over The Air .

Then you may have a question ,how to load the new firmware ?Can you provide instructions on how to load the new firmware on the beacon?

Of course the answer is yes .

But at the moment ,FeasyBeacon only support OTA via iOS .

1.We will ask you provide the UDID of your iPhone .

2.Then we will provide an app for you to upgrade.

   App Name:FeasycomWatch.ipa 


  The app only for iOS ,and only can use via the iPhone with the UDID you already provided to us

3.Then you can go with below steps 



Then you can wait the OTA process being finished .

Should you have query ,do not hesitate contact feasycom team