How To Send HID Data Via A Bluetooth Module?

- Jan 19, 2021-

The way to send HID data at default mode (HID throughput):

1. Use HID host (e.g Smartphone) to connect to the BT836 module

2. Send HID code (ASCII Characters) directly from your MCU to BT836 through UART.

If you want to send control key with normal key:

1. Send AT+HIDTP=0 to enable HID-command mode

2. Send AT+TPMODE=0 to enable AT-command mode

3. Use HID host (e.g Smartphone) to connect to the module

4. Use AT+HIDSEND to send HID data, every group of data is consists of a control key and a normal key, so the data length is always the multiples of 2, the HID data payload should be in binary format.

The bitmap of the control keys is set forth below: