How To Send HID Data To Terminals ,how To Send ''a '' ''b''

- Jun 20, 2019-

USB HID Scan Code Translation Table

Recently customer has a questions regrading sending HID data to terminals :

We tried to send HID data to iphone and a Android smartphone following :

"FSC-BT8XX Programming User Guide V3.1(Dual-Mode Data Transiver)_HID.pdf" 2.4.7 .

However, when we tried to send "1234567890" it does not display in the iphone or smartphone.

If you want send ''a'',The right AT Command it is :''AT+HIDSEND=2,\x00\x04 ''.Then you may have a question why we should send like this :''AT+HIDSEND=2,\x00\x04 ''.

1.AT+HIDSEND=2 (AT Command )

2.“a”consists of 2 bytes :

  a.x00 :it is control key ,that means shift key it is being pressed or not . If did not press shift key ,then “x00”.

  b.x04 :it is content of key ,you can see from above image “04 ”it is for “a”

So if we want send “a”, AT+HIDSEND=2,\x00\x04

So if we want send “b”,AT+HIDSEND=2,\x00\x05

Then there is a question ,how to send ''A '' ,you can see ''A'' it is :Press shift key +a .

So if we want send “A”,AT+HIDSEND=2,\x02\x04 (\x02 is keyboard modifier,They are defined in USB HID spec.).

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