How To Switch The Bluetooth Adapter From HID Mode To HCI Mode

- Jun 24, 2020-

If you get an adapter FSC-BP119, it is HID mode. And you want switch the bluetooth adapter from HID mode to HCI mode.

Please follow below steps.

To get work with Bluez , you must switch BP119 to HCI Mode first in the following steps.

1.       Test platform:

                Ubuntu 14.04 with kernel:


2.       Upgrade Bluez to latest version:


tar xf bluez-5.30.tar.xz

cd bluez-5.30

./configure --disable-systemd


sudo make install

3.       Plug in BP119 and get device path


4.       Use Bluez - hid2hci tool switch BP119 from HID mode to HCI mode 

5.       Now the BP119 should worked

By the way, Our BP119 default is HCI version now, you could purchase it from us directly.