How To Test Bluetooth Module's Audio Broadcast Features And Let It Works

- Mar 28, 2020-

Recently we have customers bought feasycom bluetooth module and dev board, and he wonder how to test the features? How to let it works.

Brief instruction :

1.Power on: Short press for 1s

2.Mode Switching: Default setting is receiving mode.

                               You can send ''AT+BAMODE=1''  for audio broadcast mode.

3.Play Music: Use cellphone connect to device A to play music.

4.Connect to more device: The device A will auto search the device which in receiving mode, once connected successfully, device B will auto play the music which streaming from device A.

PS: Searching time: If the search time exceed 3 minutes. You need repower on the device A or you can send ''AT+BAASSOC'' to connect to other device.