Huawei Launched HWA HD Bluetooth Technology With Better Sound Quality Than LDAC

- Sep 04, 2018-

This year Huawei launched a new technology HWA wireless HD audio transmission protocol


Music enthusiasts who like to listen to music and have high requirements for sound quality, must know that the current mainstream Bluetooth music transmission codec has SBC, Qualcomm's aptX/ aptX HD, Apple's AAC and Sony's LDAC.


SBC is the most widely supported; Apple AAC is a self-consistent agreement, iTunes store music and iOS Bluetooth transmission format are about 320kbps code rate (iPhone / iPad has only supported AAC & SBC); Qualcomm aptX has the highest code rate (requires aptX HD) and can reach 576kbps. However, the highest code rate of the above codec cannot reach the minimum bit rate requirement of 44.1 kHz/16 bit lossless compression (for example, the FLAC format is about 700 kbps). Sony LDAC can increase the bit rate to 909kbps (corresponding to 44.1kHz or 88.2kHz sampling rate) or 990kbps (corresponding to 48kHz or 96kHz sampling rate). In theory, it is possible to transmit near-lossless audio through a Bluetooth connection, which is comparable to the CD-quality sound quality. Therefore, the Bluetooth transmission audio quality from high to low is: LDAC> aptX> AAC> SBC.


 Bluetooth Module HWA.png

Huawei officially introduced that HWA is a high-definition Bluetooth transmission protocol independently developed by Huawei. It is also the first standard developed by domestic manufacturers to improve the performance of Bluetooth sound quality. It is based on LDHC codec, which is slightly better than Qualcomm aptxHD and Sony LDAC. The three originally belonged to a sound quality level, but the sound quality was better after Huawei's adjustment.



The biggest advantage of HWA technology is that it not only ensures the maximum resolution of wireless audio transmission, ensures the high purity of sound quality, but also maintains a stable normal use distance and experience under high sound quality standards. Previously, wireless headphones could not guarantee the sound quality. Will be a thing of the past. Moreover, as a latecomer, HWA is a free license; this has also greatly helped domestic manufacturers to make a major breakthrough in the future wireless sound quality of mobile phones.

Thanks to Huawei for providing this free technology, Bluetooth manufacturers will reduce the cost of patents, and provide better Bluetooth audio modules to Bluetooth products companies, providing consumers with better quality music. In the future, Feasycom will save costs for customers while providing better Bluetooth modules to customers, using HWA technology.

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