I Need Module To Connect Two Devices Via BLE 5

- Sep 26, 2019-

''Our electronics engineer tested the Bluetooth modules FSC-BT616 which we received from You.The engineer found out that both modules were set to slave mode. And it is not possible to switch one of the modules to the master-mode using jumpers (there are no jumpers).  To organize correct testing, we need a pair of modules,  one of which must work in slave mode, and the second module must work in master-mode.And I need to connect two devices via bluetooth modules via  ble5 protocol.Do you have modules configured (preset) for the master-mode? Modules can be reprogrammed - then how can it be done?''

From above requirement ,customer need to connect two devices via bluetooth modules via  ble5 protocol.

This requirement need the module support multiple connections ,then we need switch to FSC-BT630 .However both FSC-BT616 and FSC-BT630 do support master-slave .

But if multiple connections ,then we need choose FSC-BT630.

So friendly reminder:Before purchase a bluetooth module ,do not forget to list your requirement in details ,such as application ,master or slave ext ,as detail as better.


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