Low Cost Ble Module Supplier In Shenzhen

- May 20, 2019-

In this IoT world, speed of execution is everything. With all the research, certification, multiple testing, equipment and work involved in designing a bluetooth –end product, your development process always take a year longer than expected.Try to estimate the impact to your company or customer by arriving to market too late.

By the time you finish that prototype your market may have come and gone.

BLE modules can shorten your time to market.So that is why we are talking about ble module today.

In the market there are also kinds of ble module adopt different chipset , such as :TI CC2640 ,Nordic 52832 ,CSR8811 ,CSR8670 ,CSR8675,QCC3007 and so on .Different chipset the performace may different ,and price also different .This depends on your solution and market

If you have strictly demand about cost,then a low cost ble module would help you a lot .we,feasycom have many kinds of ble module .The low cost ble module would be FSC-BT646 & FSC-BT641.

Do not hesitate to contact feasycom team for more details about low cost ble module .