Low Energy Bluetooth Module For Thermometer And Hygrometer Application

- Aug 06, 2020-

The Bluetooth thermometer and hygrometer have an LCD screen, battery can basically use one year for the low-power Bluetooth, and the magnetic wall sticker design can accurately measure the indoor temperature and humidity. The product is simple to use, and the Bluetooth thermometer and hygrometer can be connected in only two steps, which is very convenient. After deploying the thermometer and hygrometer in the application environment, it can continuously monitor the ambient temperature and humidity for 24 hours, Upload the data to the cloud through the Bluetooth gateway, display the temperature and humidity daily, weekly, monthly, annual, etc. with visual charts on the monitoring background or mobile App, and extract, view, and analyze data anytime and anywhere.


Household applications: especially in dry winters and hot summers, after understanding the indoor temperature and humidity through a thermometer and hygrometer, use a humidifier to control the indoor temperature and humidity to the most suitable degree for human health, which is not only comfortable, but also healthy.


Food industry: Temperature and humidity are very important for food storage. Changes in temperature and humidity can cause food deterioration and cause food problems. The monitoring of temperature and humidity is conducive to timely control by relevant personnel.


File management: Paper products are extremely sensitive to temperature and humidity, and improper storage will seriously reduce the storage life of files. An environmental monitoring system is formed, equipped with exhaust fans, dehumidifiers, and heaters to maintain a stable temperature and avoid problems such as pests and humidity.


Greenhouse: The growth of plants has very strict requirements on temperature and humidity. Under improper temperature and humidity, plants will stop growing. With gas sensors, light sensors, etc., a digital greenhouse temperature and humidity monitoring system can be formed to control relevant parameters in agricultural greenhouses. Maximize the efficiency of the greenhouse.

Animal breeding: Various animals will show different growth states at different temperatures. The goal of high quality and high yield depends on a suitable environment.


Drug storage: According to relevant national requirements, drug storage must be controlled in accordance with the corresponding temperature and humidity. According to the new GMP certification, the temperature storage range for general medicines is 0-30°C.


For the application of Bluetooth thermometer and hygrometer, Feasycom has developed two cost-effective modules according to the needs of customers at different levels:


Here are the two cost-effective solutions for the different needs of thermometer and hygrometer applications.



The module adopts Nordic nRF52832 BLE V5.0 chip, which meets the needs of customers with the characteristics of small size, low power consumption and superior performance. It supports GATT, ATT, SM protocols; 



The module adopts PAN1020 BLE V4.2 chip, meet customer needs with low cost, low power consumption, stable performance, etc.