MERRY CHRISTMAS-Feasybeacon Family

- Dec 20, 2017-

MERRY CHRISTMAS-Feasybeacon Family

Hello Everyone


Christmas Holiday is forthcoming ! We wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.


Here, FeasyBeacon Family gathering together,on behalf of Feasycom Technology, express our best wishes to all of you:Wish you have a Splendid & Successful 2018!

beacon family-5.jpg

FeasyBeacon Family mainly work on broadcasting a variety of business promotion news to people nearby or pass by, like some places: retail, museum, hospital, exhibition, hotel, restaurant, and the remote area wireless communication, etc.


They like the busy bees work on all the world, need broadcast 10 messages simultaneous via iOS, Android (FeasyBeacon) and Windows System’s AT command with Eddystone (URL,UID), iBeacon, Altbeacon.


Different generation, have different character. In bluetooth 5.0 version, the BP103 and BP104 is cheerful personality. As the bluetooth 4.0 version BP104 has strict character


3 109.jpg

The serious brother BP109 always dress the black suit, more like the BatMan with continuous power, and 4000m is his zone.



With the plump body brother BP104 as Mr Bean. Don't underestimate him, it also have big power for 3 years life. As foodie, if you want it with you long time, you can feed some food like 2 pcs AAA battery.



As the little pretty sister BP103, she is a princess,and she likes costume show with her amazing magic.Her slight figure can go anywhere.