Mid-Autumn Festival

- Sep 19, 2018-

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In China, the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. According to the Chinese calendar, the lunar calendar is in the middle of autumn, the second month of autumn, called "Zhongqiu", and August 15th is in "Zhongqiu", so it is called "Mid-Autumn Festival".


There are many other names for the Mid-Autumn Festival: because the festival is on August 15th, it is called "August Festival" and "August and a half". Because the main activities of the Mid-Autumn Festival are all around the "month", it is also known as the "Monthly Festival". "Month of the Moon"; the Mid-Autumn Festival is full of moons, symbolizing reunion, and is therefore called "Reunion Festival".

In the Tang Dynasty, the Mid-Autumn Festival was also known as the "Terminal Moon."


The record of the "Reunion Festival" was first seen in the Ming Dynasty. West Lake Tour Zhiyu said: "August 15 is called Mid-Autumn Festival, the folks send the moon cakes, take the meaning of reunion." The Emperor Jingjing Scenery also said: "August 15th Festival, the cake will be round, the melons will be wrong, and the petals will be like lotus....There are women who are returning to the house, and will return to the husband's house. Festival also."

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