More Promotions Will Be Release On Feasycom Amazon Shop

- Oct 26, 2018-

Thanks for your accompany along the way, we have been in Amazon for a year and a half, and your constant feedback has enabled us to continuously improve our products and service quality. I am very sorry that we have not been able to guarantee enough stock this month so that many customers can't buy the products in time. Because our production line pressure has been very large this quarter, there are a lot of orders need to be arranged. However, we work overtime to catch up with Amazon's goods, and our first batch of products can be arranged for storage very soon, so all of you can be assured of purchase. After the product is put into storage, we will plan more promotions for you to enjoy more benefits.


Feasycom Team

New Arrivals product


FeasyBeacon FSC-BP106 is an innovative water-proof bluetooth 5.0 LE business smart beacon, which support to work with iOS and Android System via “FeasyBeacon” APP, it simultaneously compatible with iBeacon, Eddystone (URL/UID/TLM/EID), AltBeacon frame types. The broadcast numbers for FSC-BP106, can up to 10 slots.

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