Most Common eddystone IBeacon/ Beacon Solutions

- Sep 30, 2018-

Bluetooth beacon

1.Indoor Location & Proximity Marketing

Beacons use in Indoor location & Proximity Marketing.Within big buildings where some may spend enormous amount of time finding what they are looking for. Shopping centres, airports and museums are just some organizations where indoor positioning would bring great benefit to people. Can you just imagine that everybody would have an indoor map marked with their current position on a mobile phone? This would definitely revolutionise navigation indoor. Then, there are of course also benefits for organizations. With indoor positioning beacons, organizations can deliver location-triggered content, location-based advertising and much more.


2.Eddystone Broadcast

Beacon can send Broadcast to the smart phone nearby.The most common broadcast are Eddystone Broadcast :UID & URL.


3.Wireless Payment

Beacon use in Wireless Payment .Wireless payments have experienced significant growth in the recent past and is projected to witness rapid growth in the near future.

Retails are benefits equally from beacon enabled payments , given the benefit of stitching it together with other beacon enabled efforts such as loyalty programs, couponing and in-store navigation.


4.Check-in Coupons

Beacon use in Check-in Coupons can notifying the airline of your presence at any time,surfacing ticket for speed,enticing passengers to upgrade, retailer specific promotions,finding the correct check-in desk,getting to the gate on time,passengers able to track and find their luggage.