New Innovation Bluetooth Mesh Network For Light Control

- Mar 14, 2019-

Ever since the Electric light has been invented , from the original lighting function to currently, the requirements about saving energy , protect environment and Green smart light .

With the development of technology , there has many new innovation for lamp , for example the various wireless technology adopt for light control : Bluetooth , Wifi , Z-Wave , Zigbee and so on .

Zigbee technical is the most common one in the market , the advantages is low power consumption , easy to network and repair , but the disadvantage is the light could not connect with smart device directly .

With the advent of Bluetooth 5.0 , especially the Mesh technology solved the problem absolutely , 

Bluetooth is an open standard for wireless data and voice communication , it based on proximity wireless connection , and establish a special connection between fixed and mobile devices .

Bluetooth has went through the 1.0 version to 5.0 version , the standard is graduated more perfect , and the technology and functionality are becoming more sophisticated . 

Bluetooth Mesh is the one part of Bluetooth 5.0 standard , it enable Bluetooth devices to interoperate with each other , supports Smart device connect with it directly .

Feasycom company follows the Bluetooth technology directly , when the time that Bluetooth 5.0 was released , Feasycom designed several models products that supports Bluetooth 5.0 , at the respect of Mesh technology , Feasycom is also the first one dock with Alibaba and others Mesh technology , and designed FSC-BT671 BLE 5.0 Mesh network module which could works with “ Tmall Genie ( 天猫精灵 ) ”, FSC-BT671 is widely used for intelligent home automation ,
Including led smart light .

FSC-BT671 could accomplish three light control methods :
1.Via “ Tmal Genie ( 天猫精灵 )” for Mesh , the voice could control Mesh network , light on/off and light luminance , etc .
2.Via mobile App , Feasycom provide Android and IOS systems Demo for customer development , with low threshold to complete the fastest technical docking .
3.Automatic networking , the function is set when producing , the Bluetooth module with same Key could realize automatic networking , and accomplish light control via serial to send data .
Except FSC-BT671 Bluetooth 5.0 low energy module , Feasycom also has another solution for Mesh , likes Nordic and Airoha solutions , to meet different customer’s requirement in intelligent light control .
If you works on light control project , just message freely .