NEWS Of FSC-BT646 BLE Module - BLE Passcode

- Feb 28, 2019-

To meet more customer’s requirement , Feasycom engineer Mr Pan developed a new function which named “ BLE passcode “ for FSC-BT646 BLE module , this function have a wide application in the Bluetooth product which works with an mobile App , likes Automobile electronic product , electronic toys and measuring apparatus , etc.

FSC-BT646 BLE module 2

The new AT commands is as below:
Read/Write Pincode


Format: AT+PIN {=Param}



Param: Set pincode (6 Bytes ASCII, default: 123456)



Response: +PIN=Param



Description: Write pincode if parameter exists, otherwise read current pincode



Example: Read current pincode


>> +PIN=123456

>> OK

Example: Change pincode to “200868”

<< AT+PIN=200868

>> OK

Read/Write Authentication type for pairing


Format: AT+TYPE {=Param}



Param: Authentication type (0/1/2, default: 0)

(0) Pincode not required (‘Just Works’ connection)

(1) Pincode required, no bonding (‘Passkey’ connection / encryption keys not stored)

(2) Pincode required, with bonding (‘Passkey’ connection / encryption keys stored)



Response: +TYPE=Param



Description: Set type of authentication used during pairing if parameter exists, otherwise read current type of authentication



Example: Read current authentication type


>> +TYPE=0

>> OK

Example: Change authentication method to ‘Pincode required / no bonding’

<< AT+TYPE=1

>> OK

Our engineer Mr Pan is a very hardworking boy and enthusiastic with work , he’ll add these information to FSC-BT646’s programming user guide.
FSC-BT646 is a Bluetooth 4.2 low energy module , which is an economy BLE module , if you have project related BLE module , just feel free message us .