Nordic NRF52832 BLE Module 5.0 FAQ

- Jul 07, 2019-


(1) Does you module have Chip antenna?

Yes,FSC-BT630 it is with ceramic antenna .And it also support external antenna .

(2)Does this module small size

Yes,it is ultra-small size.

(3) Is module CE certified?

Yes, it is FCC ,CE Cerifitied .And at this moment ,we do not have other certification like IC ext.

(4) Does module contains 32.768KHz crystal on board? 

Yes,the standard module contains 32K crystal and 32M crystal.If your application do not need ,we can remove it.

(5) How is the usage of DCC(Pin#47) and DEC4 (Pin#46)pin from nRF52832(QFN package) inside the module? 

FSC-BT630 adopt nRF52832(CSP package not QFN ,so we are not sure about this .

(6) DCC and DEC4 need to connected with each other through,inductor loop (10uH and 15nH). 

This already support .

(7)DEC1,DEC2,DEC3,DEC4 already with proper capacitor ?

DEC1,DEC 3,DEC 4:Yes ,but DEC2 do not have proper capacitor now ,the pcb board has place to add the capacitor for DEC2,when you order sample we can add this for you .