One Image Tell You About Bluetooth Stack Profile Porting

- Sep 24, 2020-

1. Stack Porting

1.1 Project Architecture


4.2 Porting Procedures and Guidelines

Take the test demo as an example, firstly, initialize the hardware interfaces (Systick, Clock, GPIO, UART, DMA), then initialize the Bluetooth protocol stack, implement the interfaces in the blueware.h such as the get_bt_chipset_uart_instance and bt_event_callback_t.



(1) Reliable full-duplex UART is required to ensure reliable communication between the Bluetooth module and the Host, In the demo, UART Rx uses interrupt for receiving and UART Tx uses DMA to transmitting.


(2) Use a logic analyzer (with UART decoder) to capture the UART conversations between the Bluetooth module and the Host MCU for debugging.

The first UART conversation as following (The default UART settings are 115200, even, 8, 1):

TX>> C0 00 2F 00 D0 01 7E C0

RX<< C0 00 2F 00 D0 02 XX XX

The second UART conversation as following:

TX>> C0 00 3F 00 DB DC 03 FC 11 C0

RX<< C0 00 2F 00 D0 01 XX XX


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