Putting Bluetooth Module Into Low Power Mode

- Aug 25, 2019-

Recently we have been asked by customer about how to put bluetooth module into low power mode.

Customer currently using FSC-BT616 ble module.

1.How to put module into low power mode.

2.Once the device has accepted the low power mode is it possible for it to lose the ability/setting that allows it to get to its low current mode.

3.If we have devices in the field that may not be in low power mode is there anything that can be done using Over the Air Programming to enable the low power mode?

Feasycom Answers:

1.If have demand that putting the module into low power mode ,before you purchase feasycom module ,you can provide all requires to sales .We will provide the right firmware which suitable for you .

2.If you did not have this demand when you purchase the module ,but now after test ,you want add this features .It is okay ,feasycom bluetooth module support upgrade over the air.And refer below AT Command for putting module into low power mode.

2.1. send AT+LPM=1\r\n cmd and  received \r\nOK\r\n from BT616

2.2 reboot BT616.

2.3 this setting will store in nvm. 

 If enabled LPM feature, BT616 will auto enter into sleep mode .

    if your product did not enter sleep mode. you can check below .
    1. LPM feature enabled. AT+LPM .
    2. uart no data transfer occur.
    3. BT616 uart already connected to your mcu .

For more details ,feel free to Contact Feasycom .