Qualcomm Audio Broadcasting

- Jul 20, 2018-

——FSC-BT802 module broadcasting testing


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Do you want share your music to your friends when you are together?

Qualcomm have news about the audio broadcasting. When we have a bluetooth source device with CSR8670, CSR8670 or CSRA68100, it will support the audio broadcasting. People wear the bluetooth headphone, open the bluetooth speaker or other bluetooth audio device, they will could join this music party. With the CSR chip, the music keep the high quality voice, and the audio source device could connect many broadcasting application.

 Bluetooth Audio Broadcasting.jpg

Recently, Feasycom use the bluetooth module FSC-BT802 with CSR8670 chip to do this audio broadcasting testing, there is the testing step: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5fPVLI0hE4&t=74s

If you have interested with audio broadcasting, welcome to contact us.


By  Feasycom