Replacement HC05 Module HID ,SPP,BLE

- Jul 31, 2019-

Recently there is a requirement from one of our customer :

Requirement # :

We have a project to develop with the HID profile, so this is the first prototype.

Our product is a pressure sensor mat that connects to a PC using the Bluetooth module.The software expects an input from a keyboard.So our need is to send characters using the HID keyboard profile.

We need it with the breakboard,and hid firmware,because our circuit does not have the SMD footprint.

We use hc05 module before but it did not support HID protocol ,so i need find a right module to instead of hc05.

How to choose bluetooth module ?

Feasycom Suggestion# :

We recommend FSC-BT826 ,Dual Mode ,BT 4.2 ,HID+SPP+BLE .

It can totally meet above requirement ,and the most important ,this module is much better than hc05 .HC05 only spp ,v2.1 .

For more details ,feel free to Contact Feasycom .