Replacement Rayson Bluetooth Module BTM222 Class1

- Aug 04, 2019-

Recently there is a customer who is looking for the Replacement Rayson Bluetooth Module BTM222 Class1 .

Requirement as below :

1.Can it be same AT Command as BTM222?

2. Bluetooth Module1(Master) to Bluetooth Module1(Slave) data 

3.Auto Connection 

First a quick look at BTM222 Class 1 Module.It ia a class1 BC04 module ,Bluetooth 2.0 ,SPP only.

Feasycom have many kinds of class 1 module .

Class 1 ble module /mesh :FSC-BT671(V5.0 ), FSC-BT646(V 4.2),FSC-BT686 (V4.2).

Class 1 ble spp dual mode module :FSC-BT909 ,V 4.2.

So according to above requirement ,if must have spp .then the best module can replace BTM222 is BT909 .

FSC-BT909 Features :

1.Class 1 ,transmit power up to 18.5dBm.

2.Bluetooth 4.2 

3.Chipset:CSR8811A12 Chipset 

4.Protocol :SPP ,GATT,HID

5.BLE Central & Peripheral Mode ,SPP Master ,SPP Slave.

5.Full bluetooth data rate over UART 

6.3.0V-3.3V operation

7.Outline :26.9mm*13mm*2.4mm

8.Application:Access Point ,Domestic and Industrial Application,Serial Adapter ,GPS,POS ,Barcode


For more details ,feel free to Contact Feasycom .