Security Mode Of Bluetooth Module ?Level 3 Or Level 4?

- Aug 06, 2019-

To whom may concern :

What is the security mode of bluetooth module ?Level 3 or Level4 ?

1.Every one can pair with the bluetooth module 

2.It will auto connect to the bluetooth module which you have connected last time

3.Need password then can pair with the module


These are spp security mode ,how about ble security mode ?

BLE Security Mode :

  1. No password ,the most common method (factory default settings

  2. PASSKEY:when pair, it need input any number from 0~999999.(Some android cellphones with poor compatibility for this ,so usually we do not recommend this.

SPP Security Mode:

  1. SPP:LEVEL 2 ,security simple pairing mode

  2. Support pair with password 

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